1. To make an offer to purchase a Good from us (your "Order") by completing the staged process on the Website, as set out below:

adding Goods to chart;

-  checkout step  – login details, address details; and payment details and confirmation of Order.

2.  Pay your order

3.  We must receive full payment before we send Goods.

4.  Delivery of all Goods will take (roughly)  5 days, except where this is not possible due to factors beyond our control.

5. Delivery costs  to Latvia 3.69 EUR, Lithuania and Estonia 5.00 EUR will be added to the invoice.

 Free shipping  to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on 50 EUR order or more.

6.The delivery cost of returning the Goods to us is customer responsibility. All customs and import duties will be your responsibility.

7. The customer can return the purchased items within 14 (fourteen) days without any explanation.

8. To return goods customer send an e-mail to [email protected] and provide information:

-        the title of the item;

-        the date the purchase was made (if possible, the number of the order);

-        the date when the purchased item is returned;

-        The name and surname of the customer, and the number of the bank account the refunded purchase price shall be paid into.

9.The company within 30 workdays sends the money paid for the returned purchase to the indicated bank account. The postal service charges are not refunded.

10. Payments:


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